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Artisan Cookies

Cookies Artesanas

The present crunchy and delicious cookies with chocolate chips we can buy everywhere nowadays, simply known as artisan cookies were created by a entrepreneur American woman in the 30´s in full economic crisis, Ruth Graves Wakefield.

This woman, along with her husband, was living in a country house that both converted into a rural hotel just outside Massachusetts City, in the town of Whittman. It was a time where horses were used as a means of conveyance because journeys were longer. So, Wakefield´s hotel was considered as a central guesthouse and tourist attraction.This guesthouse known as Toll House Inn had a restaurant which became very famous extremely quickly because of the exquisite homemade food cooked as well as the free extra food portion that was served.

According to legend, one day Mrs. Wakefield run out of ingredients to make her popular butter cookies because of this huge success within her restaurant. Thus, she had to improvise a new recipe with other ingredients adding chocolate chips on the top to be melted with the heat of the oven. Nevertheless, these pieces of chocolate didn´t melt leaving a totally different texture but tasty at the same time.

Other sources tell that Mrs. Wakefield added these chocolate chips on purpose to surprise her guests with something new.
Whatever it was, it is true that the chocolate she added was from the brand Nestlé. This company was positively influenced due to the quick increase in chocolate sales for that period-time. This fact gave rise to some Nestle commercials were to visit Mrs. Wakefield. Both made a business agreement where she gave them her own recipe as long as she had as much free chocolate as she needed for the rest of her lifetime.

In 1993, Nestlé launched the market these chocolate chips under the name of Nestlé Toll House.

Having said that, where can we currently find these handcrafted and crunchy artisan cookies made with the most natural ingredients? Mazapanes Barroso has an appetizing range of orange and chocolate cookies with pure chocolate chips on the top, both irresistible for any palate!

Try them! You will repeat!

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