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Marzipan Figures, a delicious delicacy to make yourself!

marzipan figures

Christmas time is coming! It is a magical time especially for the youngest of any house! We going to talk about Marzipan Figures.

The desire of playing and enjoying, the mystery, the joy for meeting our family members are some of the most important feelings rooted in this time-period.

Besides, the exquisite Christmas recipes from old times and the traditional sweets that fill up our big tables at home can’t be missed.

The artisan marzipan we make is a delicious culinary piece of art whose handcrafted recipe has been kept along all the time, maintaining the inherited tradition from our ancestors as well as creating some experienced master craftsmen.

This is the reason why Mazapanes Barroso cheers you up to venture into this new and funny Christmas proposal: ¡Prepare your marzipan figures from home with our malleable supreme quality marzipan dough available in our factory!

A guaranteed success between the youngest who will be excited to take part in this process with mum and dad! A beautiful marzipan-making evening where both, adults and children will be able to play and enjoy together at the same time!

Don´t miss out on this chance! What are you waiting for?

Contact us! We will be very happy to assist you!

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