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Marzipan Tears

dulce navideño

Mazapanes Barroso also produces a wide range of cutting-edge products to satisfy our customer´s demands. For instance, we can mention our marzipan tears Christmas tears which are made with the best national almond – variety Marcona – and white sugar, as well as filled with different fillings.

 Marzipan Tears

Marzipan Tears

These ones are shaped as tears in order to make reference to the tears of joy and emotion that characterize the Christmas season all over the world. There are three types ofLágrimas de Mazapán” or marzipan , between them we can highlight cooked marzipan filled with egg yolk jam, frosted marzipan filled with chocolate or cooked marzipan covered with chocolate and filled with strawberry jam. An authentic pleasure for the palate!

This interesting product can be considered as an original proposal for birthday parties, anniversaries or even for corporative events or meetings.

Do not hesitate to contact us via our application form, we will be very happy to help you with any questions or doubt!

 Marzipan Tears

Marzipan Tears

Dare to try this Christmas this sweet delicacy! You will like it!

We hope you liked this article about marzipan. We are looking forward to you trying them so you can give us your opinion




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