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Winter evenings, afternoon tea!!!

Pastas de Té

The teacakes are an exquisite election to share with friends at any time, or even to delight all your guests at home with a hot chocolate mug, coffee or afternoon tea.

This sophisticated sort of cookies originally comes from England. They were very popular at the beginning of XVII century within luxurious castles, opulent palaces and big country houses at the afternoon tea time. Nevertheless, they can´t be missed in every English Café or Restaurant nowadays.

afternoon tea

afternoon tea

At present, this tradition has been exported to other countries over the years. The teacakes can be seen in many Spanish hospitality establishments and supermarkets thanks to its pleasant texture and smoothness for the palate, especially if they are made by hand with natural ingredients as well as preserving the old tradition.

The main ingredient is butter, although other ingredients have also been added. For instance, the teacakes covered with chocolate.
Our teacakes are considered as a small gourmet snack because of the handcrafted production we apply in our factory, along with the selection of the best national ingredients. In short, it is a special whim that the whole family can enjoy.

If you haven´t tried them yet, what are you waiting for then?

Access to our online shop and buy them!

afternoon tea

afternoon tea

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