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Carnival, Carnival…!!!!


Nowadays, Carnival is considered as a trendy celebration all around the world, but where does this party come from?

Carnival is linked to Christianity, although for so many people it might sound rare. It is specifically related to Lent. However, there are some other historians who tell that the origin of this festivity comes from the Ancient Sumerian and Egypt.

The first Carnival celebrations were very similar to pagan ceremonies from the Roman Empire like those celebrated in honor of Baco, Roman God of Wine. From this time, this tradition was expanded for every corner of Europe in the XV century.

The meaning of the word “carnival” comes from the Vulgar Latin word carnem-levare which means “no meat”. According to legend, Christian didn´t have the same modern means to keep food as cold as today so they had to eat all the storage meat before Lent. Therefore, from this moment the Carnival celebration was considered as an important time to drink, eat and dance in opposition to Lent´s privation.

In the past, this social gathering was celebrated with certain modesty because of its religious component where people were dressed up with beautiful costumes and masks. However, the Carnival party we currently know has been changing over time in order to become a universal party which is celebrated differently depending on the place.

More about Carnival

Carnival date depends on Lent. And this one changes every year according to the Liturgical Calendar. The dates of this calendar are related to the lunar cycle so the days are chosen in order to make Holy Thursday coincides with the Full Moon. The first full moon Thursday is chosen between March and April.

Although this party is celebrated differently in various parts of the planet, all these celebrations have something in common: Music, party, colorful costume parades… In conclusion, so much fun!

The most popular ones are celebrated in Tenerife and Cadiz (Spain), Venice (Italy) and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), the latter being the most known.
With this diversity of places and cultures, Carnival is celebrated in very different ways throughout the world.

If you want to know the Carnival programme of this year in Toledo, please click here



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