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Almond Soup

Almond Soup

Have you ever tasted the simplest but delightful Almond Soup in Christmas time?

We elaborate a traditional Spanish cold soup that is taken after Christmas dinner, very typical in the regions of Castilla La Mancha, Castilla y León and Madrid.

So, this sweet soup is currently made with milk and marzipan.

Adding some cinnamon and a little piece of orange´s skin while cooking which is very useful to improve its dissolution.

And what´s more, it helps to add a fantastic exotic touch!
Formerly, this soup was made with water instead of milk because before the XX century the Christmas dinner was considered by Christians as the main dinner where dairy products were forbidden.

Almond Soup

Almond Soup

Undoubtedly, the main secret of this soup comes from the simplicity of their ingredients as well as the ancient handcrafted technique preserved in order to stand out the best of them.

The instructions to make this cold sweet soup are written below:

“Dissolve half liter of cold milk in a pot and add the marzipan paste. Once it is dissolved, start to boil it moving it with a spoon slowly. Once it is boiled, put it within a pureen where the little pieces of sponge cakes have been put in advance. Add some cinnamon and serve it. It can be served cold or hot”.

You already know where you can buy your marzipan dough to make this delicious almond soup for your Christmas celebrations or for your casual meetings with friends, family members, or even for your corporate meetings.

Shortly, we will talk about marzipan yogurt and marzipan custard.
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