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Bakery Nougat

Turrón de obrador

Spanish families start to prepare and full up their pantries with all the traditional Christmas sweets once the winter cold days have come. Undoubtedly, the bakery nougat is one of the most symbolic sweets for many people since centuries.

It is said that the nougat started to be present in the coast of the Mediterranean Sea when the Muslim conquered the Iberian Peninsula.

However, its origin dates back to Ancient Greece beginning in the year 1200 BC.

The ancient historical story tell us that the best athletes from Greece who competed in the Olympic Games needed some energy after their competition which led to the birth of these extremely energetic nougat bars.

Other sources from the city of Barcelona say that a craftsman, surnamed Turró, was the creator of this energetic nougat thanks to the abundance of raw materials in this region in times of famine.

However, it is usually the story least supported.

The Spanish version of the contemporary nougat that everybody knows was born in the region of Alicante in the XVI century considering that during the reign of Carlos V it was already very popular within the society.

Mazapanes Barroso makes some bakery nougat that is characterized by its rich flavor maintaining the same old recipe.

There are different sorts of bakery nougat giving rise to many types of nougat.

Such as toasted egg yolk, chocolate and almond, fruit, rajalmendra, three chocolates, among others.

If you are already preparing your Christmas basket, do not hesitate to try the nougat that we make in our factory!

Make your inquiry, we will be happy to assist you!

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