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Huesos de Santo y Panellets

Huesos de Santo

Halloween is coming! And the dessert “huesos de santo” or “bones of saint” too!

So, this is an important festivity in Spain because of its religious meaning.
But also because this is an old tradition that have been kept from immemorial times.

Between all the Spanish customs within this period-time.

We can mention the tradition related to our national gastronomy highlighting all the typical sweets such as “Buñuelos de viento”, “Huesos de Santo” and “Panellets”.

Is there anyone who does not taste one of these sweets?

Mazapanes Barroso is specialist in making “Huesos de Santo” and “Panellets”.

Although we also make the “Buñuelos de viento” a special fried dough filled with custard cream, chocolate or candied fruit being considered as the most traditional sweets par excellence.

The “Huesos de Santo” is a typical sweet make with marzipan and filled with egg yolk (the best known) or filled with sweet potato jam, coconut, and chocolate or hazelnut praline as some examples.

Every day is seen as a great chance to innovate.

That is the reason why we also create newer recipes adding original tastes or textures, like “Huesos de Santo” filled with lemon or orange jam.

Accoring to our “Panellets” they can be described as a classic Halloween sweet from Cataluña, Valencia and Islas Baleares made with marzipan and covered with pine nuts.

Nowadays, you can find them everywhere.

Therefore, we focus on the most popular ones which have different tastes like strawberry, lemon, egg yolk, coconut or even anise.

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