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Sweet Bread from Cádiz

sweet bread

Today we want to talk about one of the most emblematic products within any Christmas basket of many families from Cadiz, a region located in the South of Spain. We going to talk about Sweet Bread of Cádiz

This sweet, Pan de Cádiz, originally comes from the city of Cádiz although it is also said that this huge marzipan sweet has an Arabic origin when the Muslim conquered the Iberian Peninsula and established the well-known Al- Andalus – currently called Andalusia – in the year 726 BC in the ancient Hispania.

Although some people say that its origin is more a legend than a real story, some others say that the real origin of this appealing sweet.

Started in the beginning of the XIX century with the French invasion in Andalusia.

sweet bread

sweet bread

By that time, Cádiz was a poor city where four was rare and difficult to obtain.

Therefore, its population started to make use of their own almonds and mix it with white sugar and candied fruit.

Resulting in the current marzipan we have nowadays.

That marzipan was very different from the one we actually know.

It was a big piece of marzipan shaped as a chest and filled with candied fruit receiving the name of “Pan de Cádiz” or “Bread from Cádiz”.

Later in the mid 50´s, thanks to the prestigious experience of D. Antonio Valls.

He is a famous pastry chef in the southern city, this sweet started to be very popular in all the houses of those people living in Cadiz.

Presently, it is very common to taste this sweet bread in Christmas time.

Thanks to the combination of candied fruit and marzipan, which gives it a peculiar taste and colour.

Different shapes

Mazapanes Barroso makes this sweet in different shapes, so you can choose the one you are looking for.

So, There is a small version of the original “Pan de Cadiz” with candied cherry and squash.

But, there are also some other bigger versions which can be filled with coconut, egg yolk, chocolate, lemon or apricot jam.

If you wish to try this sweet bread from Cadiz, you need to go to our online shop, add it to your shopping basket and buy it!

Would you to try it this year? Contact us!

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