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Toledanas: The tradicional Toledo cookie

las toledanas es el dulce típico de Toledo

The so-called “Toledanas” are tea pastes typical from the city of Toledo. They are made with puff pastry and shaped as a half-moon. They are stuffed with spaghetti squash jam to give more juiciness and decorated with large pieces of chopped sugar on the top. Our current filling also has apple jam on it to give an unexpected fruity touch.

At the same time, they are made with wheat flour, butter, white wine, sugar, cinnamon, egg and olive oil, to finally be baked slowly in the oven. Some of them can be found dipped in chocolate, which gives a greater contrast to the palate.

This unique cookie has been and still is considered a classic sweet from Toledo, Toledanas, that can be bought any time of the year not only for people from Spain, but also for all the tourists that come as they are sold in many Spanish tourists shops. Despite is not easy to make them it is very easy to eat them!

If you don´t have any more ideas and you are tired of being thinking what to buy next for your afternoon tea, do not hesitate to venture into this great change and surprise your guests with these peculiar cookies!

You will certainly not regret it!

Contact us! We will be very happy to help you and guarantee the success of all your purchases!

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